How to get Mobile Broadband

Do you want to be able to check your email in the park, update your Facebook status in the park, and stay connected on the move, no matter where you are? Well, look no further, for mobile broadband is here. Forget hunting around for a WiFi hotspot, or trying to figure out where you are on Google maps on a screen the size of a business card - here's the lowdown on how to get … [Read more...]

A beginner’s Guide to Podcasts

What you need... To receive podcasts: Computer with sound card MP3 player software and/or a portable MP3 player Internet connection Speakers and/or headphones You do not need an iPod! (see article on How to create podcasts to find out what you need to find out what you need for this.) What is a podcast? A podcast is a media file that is distributed … [Read more...]

How to Create a Podcast

What you need... To distribute your own podcast: Microphone Audio editing software An MP3 encoder Somewhere to host your podcast files An RSS feed and as with receiving podcasts: Computer with sound card MP3 player software and/or a portable MP3 player internet connection Speakers and/or headphones You do not need an iPod! Feeling brave … [Read more...]

10 Tips on How to Blog


A blog (or weblog) is an online diary, concerning subjects and can be written by one author or multiple contributors. The cult of blogging receives more and more members each year, with hundreds of thousands new blogs created each year. Here we will help you get started in your journey of blogging. 1) Choose a competent blog platform Free blog platforms such as Wordpress … [Read more...]

How to Use Search Engines Efficiently

Tools Required: Computer with internet access Difficulty Rating: 1 Number of People Needed: 1 person Timescale: 5 minutes max, dependent on your depth of search. Google is the most popular search engine on the web, with approximately 90% of us using it as our first port of call when we want to find information online. Getting to grips with the basic search is really … [Read more...]

A Guide to Firewalls Viruses & Web Security

Internet Security: the basics The security of your PC, when connected to the internet, especially when you have broadband, is an ever increasingly important issue. But many people still take security for granted, and can get badly stung when faced with anonymous and random attack from cyberspace. There are a few basic precautions that everyone can take to avoid the majority … [Read more...]

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

We all know that the internet is the best invention since waterproof mascara. But even the most technically minded among us may have problems when it comes to finding the right Internet Service Provider (ISP). These are the companies that connect the computer in your home or office to the Internet over the phone line. There are thousands of offers out there and the mind … [Read more...]

Choosing a Mobile Broadband Package

Just when you thought you'd got to terms with the ins and outs of home broadband, along comes another technology must-have complete with its own confusing terminology and equally baffling amount of choices. Mobile Broadband - also known as 'High Speed Down Link Packet Access' (HSDPA) is a service that allows you to connect your laptop or your computer to the internet when … [Read more...]