POP or IMAP? A Guide to Email Account Settings


If you have an email address with your ISP (internet service provider), or any other non-web based email accounts, you can set it up so that your messages are downloaded onto your PC. There are various email clients (programs) that you can use for this. Before you can set up an email address you will need a note of some settings for your account: POP/POP3 Short for Post … [Read more...]

Computer Cable Connections


Coaxial Cable Cable TV companies, who supply digital TV and broadband services, use these fibre optic cables. While they do not directly connect to a computer, these cables are integral in providing internet access.  The cable modems provided by companies, such as Virgin Media have two outlets, one is for an RJ-45 network cable, which will connect to the computer, and … [Read more...]

Computing Terms


[dropcap type="circle" color="#COLOR_CODE" background="#COLOR_CODE"]A[/dropcap] [divider scroll_text="BACK TO TOP"] ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Lines provide a form of broadband Internet access. Telephone companies provide subscribers with Micro Filter Adapters, which plug into an existing telephone line. The adaptor has two sockets - one for a phone (Phone … [Read more...]