Technology guides for girls

Are you feeling tetchy coz you’re not techy? Our guides cut out all the jargon and tell it to you like it is. From guides to choosing a new computer, setting up email accounts and web security, to our handy illustrated cables and connectors identifier, you can find masses of useful, practical tech advice here.



If you have an email address with your ISP (internet service provider), or any other non-web based eRead More >>
(This will only take as long as two minutes if you can’t decide what music to listen to.)     TRead More >>

Follow these straight forward steps when setting up Microsoft Outlook to view, send and receive yourRead More >>
Do you want to be able to check your email in the park, update your Facebook status in the park, andRead More >>

Don’t be scared by the prospect of going digital. It’s not difficult. You’ll get mRead More >>

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