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Get your motor running better, with our car maintenance tips, advice and how-to guides for women who don't like to listen to patronising horse do-dos.

Winter Car Care

Winter Car Care

'Tis the season for shopping and partying! But while you're living large, don't forget your little bug, parked outside in the cold. This is one friend who is invaluable on those Christmas shopping expeditions! Remember that your car doesn't like being out in the freezing cold any more than you do - so do yourselves both a favour and follow this simple 10-point guide: 1 - … [Read more...]

What to do when your Car Breaks Down


If you break down on your own and roadside repairs are needed, phone for help. Tell the breakdown recovery service that you are on your own. They will normally text you details of who is coming to recover you as this isn't always a branded name you'll recognise. If at night, ask them to keep in touch with you or to give you a number you can call if you are worried. Phone the … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Car Garage


Choosing the wrong garage can seriously compromise your personal safety.  This is because UK garages do not have to be licensed and mechanics do not have to be qualified to repair your car. Similarly a friendly receptionist is no guarantee of competent garage workmanship behind the scenes.  Women are known targets for overcharging and selling services they don't need and … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Car Depreciation

car depreciation

Vehicle depreciation, or the gradual reduction in the value of a vehicle over time, is one of the major financial perils facing the UK motorist today. It is a "hidden" cost, in that it is not realised until you are ready to sell the vehicle, but it could cost you literally tens of thousands of pounds in the most extreme cases. The AA states that the average new car, clocking … [Read more...]

Basic Car Care


Important basic car care checks include tyres, water top up and oil levels (assuming your car lets you do all these things for it - some cars demand to be taken to a garage for specialist oil changes) –all these are all fairly straight forward maintenance checks that even the laziest of us can do. Of course, many women are as good as, if not much better than, men in the area … [Read more...]

What to Keep in Your Car

Car interior

At all times you should include in your car mobile phone, portable satnav system and a book of maps, just in case the satnav fails or leads you up a blind alley... Instead of carrying a de-icer aerosol, you can get your windscreen coated with Duxback at a Nationwide Autocentres. This coating treatment costs about £20, lasts through winter months and is used by aircraft to … [Read more...]

Winter driving & car tips

Winter Car Care

Well ladies now all the fun stuff about winter (presies, food, drink, better-ish telly) is well and truly out of the way we thought we would catch up with you to give you some tips on the much less fun side of winter… the weather!! In particular, looking after your car in the harsher weather. None of us like driving in the ice and rain and there is still plenty more of that to … [Read more...]