I knocked up this dill pesto yesterday and had to share it. It’s very possibly the tastiest pesto you’ll ever try. And it uses up old dill, which is why it got invented[...]
These Spanish baked eggs have become pretty much a weekly feature in my kitchen – they’re delicious, healthy and cheap to make. I adapted this recipe over time from var[...]
A lovely Scottish take on fudge, with added spirit This whisky tablet recipe is perfect for serving with coffee, or after a meal. A lot of fudge and tablet recipes contain condense[...]
A traditional Scottish dessert, perfect for a Burns Supper. Cranachan is a mixture of cream, raspberries, oats, honey and whisky. As long as you include all these things you will h[...]
This adaption of the classic Rocky Road is perfect for whipping up at last minute – especially during this time of year when you’ve already got plenty of work on your hands ([...]
Propagating rosemary is a really great way to get value for money out of shop-bought herbs. It’s also an excellent way to keep it fresh – no more forgotten bags of damp, brown rose[...]
A bright and fresh winter side dish, great for perking up leftover roast meat.   You could make this dish a bit creamier by substituting some of the yoghurt for crème fraîche, but [...]
Ok, you might think you’re enjoying your chocolate already! But are you experiencing it so that it truly indulges every one of your senses? Sight – Your chocolate should be g[...]
Chocolate must be good for us. Time to use science as an excuse proof! (Note it must be good quality dark chocolate – unfortunately, you don’t get same benefits if you scoff [...]
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You will no doubt be aware of the multitude of cookbooks making shelves in modern bookshops groan. Celebrity chefs are responsible for many of these titles; fundamental to today[...]
By applying some common sense to your cooking choices and ingredient purchasing you can eat like a queen on even the smallest of budgets. Claire Palmer tells you how with some insp[...]
Indulge your taste buds with these scrumptious festive recipes with a chocolatey twist! Mole Turkey Here’s a chocolate take on the leftover Christmas Turkey. Ingredients: 2 p[...]
We’ve all got one – a kitchen drawer stuffed full of gadgets, that is. The contents looked attractive enough in the shop: shiny, seemingly indispensable and apparently easy t[...]
I cannot stress enough that you will save money if you make all of your own meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner. We all know this is the case but we let our lazy asses make our deci[...]
Celebrate May Day in affordable style with this bargain Beltane banquet Smile and whip up a bank holiday feast for your friends – they won’t have a clue that you’[...]
At long last a warm sunny bank holiday is in our sights. We can start looking forward to BBQs and sunbathing and alfresco prosecco. Winter is well and truly over and the birth of t[...]