Your car’s emergency battery light will turn red to tell you that the charging circuit isn’t working as it should. It may be due to a faulty alternator (the generator t[...]
We do not recommend push starts for many reasons. Unburnt fuel in the exhaust is a bad thing if you have a catalytic converter. When the car fires, this unburnt fuel will explode a[...]
Changing your  wiper blades Replace your windscreen wipers as soon as they aren’t cleaning as well as they used to – at least every year or two – dirty smears left by old bla[...]
To jump start a car, first of all you need a set of jump-leads (sometimes referred to as booster cables). These will give you the opportunity to pipe battery power from another car[...]
Always consult your car’s user manual or the Haynes workshop manual for your vehicle’s model for more specific information – not all methods will be exactly the same as[...]
If you experience a puncture whilst driving and need to Change a Tyre, slow down to no more than 5mph, and drive yourself to a safe place away from other traffic – ideally a lay-by[...]
If the battery is flat because you left the side lights on by accident, turn them off now. After ten minutes or so the battery may recover sufficiently to start the car so turn eve[...]
Having the right tyre pressure can prolong the life of your tyres. It can help you save on fuel, and is better for the environment. You should check the pressure in your tyres at l[...]