Volvo xc60
The motoring public have developed a strong affiliation with compact SUVs over recent years, with BMW, Honda and Nissan benefiting greatly. Volvo’s sole entry in the SUV mark[...]
Do you remember the original VW Scirocco? You may not, as the car was launched 34 years ago, with the final, second generation vehicles being produced back in 1993. But Volkswagen [...]
Volkswagen Golf MkVI
Over thirty-five years ago, Volkswagen introduced the world to the Golf, a family car that used quality materials, offered good driving characteristics and was engineered to near p[...]
Despite being over 30 years old, I have recently experienced a car that I fear I am already too old to fully appreciate. My story begins on a Thursday morning at my home on the sou[...]
Kia Soul
What is the Kia Soul? A funky looking addition to the Kia range that fits five adults and plenty of luggage with ease. Or, as the company says: “A true urban crossover combin[...]
Honda Insight
What is the Honda Insight? The Honda Insight is second generation of Honda’s original hybrid car, powered by a petrol engine and an electric motor. Its predecessor, which deb[...]
Ford kuga
Engineered with off-road capabilities, the Ford Kuga will probably never venture further than a grass verge. Despite this fact, Kuga certainly adds something to the Ford range, whi[...]
Ford focus RS
What is the Ford Focus RS? The ultimate version of Ford’s popular hatchback. Equipped with 300bhp and 440Nm of torque, Ford’s engineers have developed a car that carrie[...]
BMW 3 series Review
Despite people having issues with, or in some cases a hatred of “BMW drivers”, the German company continues to go from strength to strength. Brand new models, such as X[...]
Audi tt tdi
I know what you’re thinking it’s an Audi TT, and they’ve been around for ages. That much is true, only this version of the TT has one small difference: it’s[...]
Alfa Romeo Mito
Alfa Romeo’s new B-segment level vehicle will compete with the hugely popular BMW MINI and sister company Fiat’s cute 500. Other vehicles in the segment include the Peu[...]
How many times have you seen a family of three or four travel through town in the likes of a Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes GL or even a Renault Espace? The argument that [...]