Review of Volvo XC60

Volvo xc60

The motoring public have developed a strong affiliation with compact SUVs over recent years, with BMW, Honda and Nissan benefiting greatly. Volvo's sole entry in the SUV market has been the XC90 – a big car, with big engines, and therefore big running costs. But now, in the midst of a recession, car manufacturers are preparing for customers to look elsewhere. So where does a … [Read more...]

Review of VW Scirocco


Do you remember the original VW Scirocco? You may not, as the car was launched 34 years ago, with the final, second generation vehicles being produced back in 1993. But Volkswagen has now revived the name for 2008, as it launches the latest iteration of its two-door, four-seat sports coupé. Volkswagen is keen to tap into the coupé market; the Scirocco launching just after … [Read more...]

Review of VW Golf MkVI

Volkswagen Golf MkVI

Over thirty-five years ago, Volkswagen introduced the world to the Golf, a family car that used quality materials, offered good driving characteristics and was engineered to near perfection. Over 26 million Golfs later, the sixth generation of the car is here. It might have grown up a bit over the years, but the new car sticks to the same principles it had a generation ago. … [Read more...]

Review of Renault Megane & Twingo Renaultsport 133


Despite being over 30 years old, I have recently experienced a car that I fear I am already too old to fully appreciate. My story begins on a Thursday morning at my home on the south coast of England. I had just spent a week with Renault's new Mégane, a fitting competitor to Ford's Focus and a step forward in terms of Renault's engineering from the previous model. The old … [Read more...]

Review of Kia Soul

Kia Soul

What is the Kia Soul? A funky looking addition to the Kia range that fits five adults and plenty of luggage with ease. Or, as the company says: "A true urban crossover combining SUV looks with urban style." That clears that up then! Kia has grown steadily as a company throughout the decade and now has the new products to match that success. Building attractive and … [Read more...]

Review of Honda Insight

Honda Insight

What is the Honda Insight? The Honda Insight is second generation of Honda's original hybrid car, powered by a petrol engine and an electric motor. Its predecessor, which debuted in 2000, might not have sold in big numbers, but was applauded for its efforts towards eco-driving. The new model replaces the old 1-litre engine with a 1.3-litre unit (borrowed from the Honda … [Read more...]

Review of Ford Kuga

Ford kuga

Engineered with off-road capabilities, the Ford Kuga will probably never venture further than a grass verge. Despite this fact, Kuga certainly adds something to the Ford range, which doesn't seem to have a bad car in its line-up at the moment. The advertising around the new Ford may be all about starting again with a blank canvas, but fortunately there is plenty about the … [Read more...]

Review of Ford Focus RS

Ford focus RS

What is the Ford Focus RS? The ultimate version of Ford's popular hatchback. Equipped with 300bhp and 440Nm of torque, Ford's engineers have developed a car that carries true racing pedigree onto the road. The introduction of a successor to the original Focus RS, which ended its production run six years ago, was in doubt for some time - but with the public demanding such a … [Read more...]

Review of BMW 3 Series (2008)

BMW 3 series Review

Despite people having issues with, or in some cases a hatred of "BMW drivers", the German company continues to go from strength to strength. Brand new models, such as X6, and a commitment to build cleaner, more economical cars are all paying dividends when it comes to sales figures. Especially important to the brand is the 3-Series. The complete 3-Series range accounts for … [Read more...]

Review of Audi TT TDi

Audi tt tdi

I know what you're thinking it's an Audi TT, and they've been around for ages. That much is true, only this version of the TT has one small difference: it's got a diesel engine. If you think that a non-petrol-powered version of the sporty German 2+2 would be a big mistake, think again. The TT TDi is arguably the best TT that has ever been built. Not only that, it is … [Read more...]

Review of Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa Romeo Mito

Alfa Romeo's new B-segment level vehicle will compete with the hugely popular BMW MINI and sister company Fiat's cute 500. Other vehicles in the segment include the Peugeot 207 and Ford Fiesta. In a bid to reduce the average age of Alfa Romeo drivers, the MiTo is targeting the 25 to 35 year old age group with a 50:50 split between males and females. The car's name is derived … [Read more...]

Review of Toyota Urban Cruiser


How many times have you seen a family of three or four travel through town in the likes of a Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes GL or even a Renault Espace? The argument that is often used – I admit to using it myself in the past – defends such actions because the extra space is useful "just in case". This is true to a point, but how often is that extra space actually … [Read more...]