An Introduction to Wine


Wine is undoubtedly gorgeous and great at lifting the spirits, but knowing how and what to choose can be a minefield to the uninitiated. Different people take different approaches to choosing a wine: for some, grape variety is paramount; for others, region takes priority; many select by style, for example, a "light, fresh, fruity white", and others simply by price. Once you … [Read more...]

How to Taste Wine


There are ways to get the most out of the smell (nose/bouquet) and taste (palate) of wine, by agitating the liquid and mixing it with lots of air once it's poured. It's amazing how much more vivid the smells and tastes become. Smelling 1- Pour a small amount of wine (around 1-2 cms) into a wine glass – to the widest point, which should be less then half way up. 2- … [Read more...]

Wine: Tasting Guide to Different Grape Varieties


Grapes come in many varieties which are used in a number of ways to make different wines. Particular countries and regions have realised their suitability to growing certain grape varieties. Not all wines state which varieties they contain. While this shouldn't put you off (some of the best wines reveal only the name of the chateau where they are made), below is a guide to the … [Read more...]

Guide to Wine Regions

image courtesy Megan Mallen

Where grapes are grown makes an enormous difference to their flavour, as does how the wine is made. Grape varieties can be better suited, or develop certain flavours, in particular climates and soils. It is important to remember that, apart from with single vineyards, there is a huge range of wines within each of the categories below. OLD WORLD WINES France, Italy, … [Read more...]