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Meet our acerbic-tongued resident agony aunt, Florence Tightening-Nail. There is nothing she doesn’t have an opinion on, and rest assured she is always right.

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An Architecture Illiterate Seeks Insight Dear Florence, My friend keeps harping on about ‘Art Deco’. After reading numerous articles on the subject, I simply do not get it. Help meRead More >>
Silver Surfer Seeks Laptop Advice Dear Florence, After completing a basic computing course I’m tempted to blow a bit of the cash I’ve set aside for the grandkids’ university days oRead More >>
Solo holiday maker fears being a Betty-No-Mates… Dear Florence, I really want to go on holiday this year but have left it very late to organise. My girl friends have all beenRead More >>
DIY store virgin dreads first visit.. Dear Florence, I always thought buying a home would have been something I’d have done with a significant other but things didn’t wRead More >>
Dear Florence, My boyfriend works in IT and I don’t understand it – help?Kind Regards, Julia, Wigan, U.K My dear Julia, You have my sincerest sympathies on that one. Gone areRead More >>
Dear Florence, How do I explain to my mother I don’t own an iron? Kind Regards, Meredith, Aberdeen, Scotland Meredith, Just explain to her how neatly you fold your clothes anRead More >>
Dear Florence, I have a mountain of wine bottles out the back which I need to recycle. But I’m ashamed to trawl them up the road to the bottle bank in full view of the neighbRead More >>